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We offer comprehensive water jetting services such as heat exchanger cleaning, boiler cleaning, pipeline maintenance, tank refurbishment, drain cleaning, vessel cleaning, water blasting, and expert coating and rust removal.

Ultra High pressure water jet pump



High-pressure water jet pumps find extensive applications in industrial settings, offering a precise and efficient solution for tasks such as surface preparation, coating removal, and rust cleaning. Explore how our pumps cater to the diverse needs of industries, ensuring optimal performance.

Heat excahnger Cleaning using water jet pump

Heat excahnger Cleaning

Ships Cleaning using water jet pump

Ships Cleaning

Pipeline and tube claening using water jet pump

Pipeline and tube claening

Surface Preparation & Water Blasting using water jet pump

Surface Preparation & Water Blasting

Tank and Chemical Vessel Cleaning using water jet pump

Tank and Chemical Vessel Cleaning

Refining Tower Maintenance using water jet pump

Refining Tower Maintenance

Concrete removing using water jet pump

Concrete removing

Coating & Rust Removal using water jet pump

Coating & Rust Removal

Fouling Removal using water jet pump

Fouling Removal


More details about jetting units

Ultra High pressure water jetting unit

Ultra High-Pressure Water Jet Pump 2800 bar (41000 PSI), meticulously crafted in Italy, featuring a German plunger 4000 bar from KAMAT and powered by an advanced Iveco motor. This cutting-edge system incorporates state-of-the-art control and safety technologies.

Alongside a comprehensive range of accessories, including hoses, nozzles, rotary nozzles, guns, and centering carriage, ensure precision and effectiveness in our cleaning processes. These accessories, combined with our cutting-edge technology, allow us to reach challenging spaces, remove stubborn deposits, and achieve optimal cleaning results. Whether tackling industrial furnaces, refining towers, heat exchangers, or marine surfaces, our water jetting services, paired with quality accessories, deliver superior outcomes with reduced downtime and increased efficiency.

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Our history

At Alex Petroserve, we take pride in our rich history of providing top-notch services to the petroleum and marine sectors. Rooted in tradition and fueled by innovation, our journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence. Discover the foundation upon which we've built our success.

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Our Projects

Explore the dynamic spectrum of Alex Petroserve's high-pressure water jetting projects, where expertise meets versatility. From maritime transformations to petroleum sector excellence, our projects span heat exchanger cleaning, refining tower maintenance, and pipeline rehabilitation.

Rehabilitation of Oil Refining Unit

Rehabilitation of Oil Refining Unit

comprehensive rehabilitation by cleaning and refurbishment heat exchangers, coolers, vessels, pipelines.

removing 4000 m2 of coating from ship surfaces

removing 4000 m2 of coating from ship surfaces

Coating Removal and Surfaces Preparation for a 4000 Square Meter Ships

air cooled heat excahnger cleaning

air cooled heat excahnger cleaning

thorough cleaning of three coolers, utilizing the cutting-edge technology of the UHP jet pump

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